PARADOX 03.22.24 featuring REGAL86


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  • REGAL86

Regal86, the sonic provocateur hailing from Monterrey, Mexico, redefines techno with an electrifying blend of '90s hip-hop grit and cutting-edge electronic innovation. Unleashing "El Gallinazo" at a Mexico City rave marked his audacious defiance of techno norms, sparking debates and cementing his reputation as a boundary-pushing artist. Transitioning from hip-hop roots, Regal86's sound, deeply embedded in hardgroove, pays homage to Chicano culture. His 2023 album "La Onda" samples '90s rap and echoes the spirit of East Los Angeles gangs. A tireless traveler and astute businessman, Regal86's US tour featured USB sticks loaded with 500+ tracks spanning techno, jungle, drum & bass, and dreamy rap instrumentals. In seven-hour sets, he seamlessly blends genres, challenging DJing norms. As a Mexican ambassador in European techno circles, Regal86's authentic and diverse approach challenges industry norms. His journey continues, propelled by a fervent fan base, showcasing the dynamism of Mexican electronic music on a global stage. In a genre where identities converge, Regal86 stands as a beacon of contemporary techno brilliance.


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Genessis Lopez, a spirited Mexican artist based in North Minneapolis, MN, specializes in painting and illustrating vibrant clusters of plants and flowers. Inspired by the joy and tranquility found in nature, her work reflects the vivid colors and emotions from her childhood spent in her grandmother's garden in Mexico. Notably, Genessis created the "Color Therapy" series during a challenging period, infusing her art with peace and happiness. Beyond personal catharsis, she aims to share the joy emanating from her paintings and illustrations, inviting others to experience the same uplifting emotions. Explore Genessis Lopez's world where nature's beauty and lively hues converge to inspire delight and serenity.

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. Courtney Cochran
. Brooke Bartholomew
. Travis J Collins
. Woodlin Latocki
*. Emily Missaghi

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[Void Acoustics] by @championsoundmpls
501 E Hennepin Ave

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